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Stud dogs

Click on the dogs name for more details about Father, Mother, Breeder and owner.If an email and/or globe icon is displayed you can immediately email or visit the website of the owner / breeder. KEEP IN TOUCH, BE INFORMED AND SHARE YOUR SUPPORT WHEN HEALTH MATTERS MOST !!!

Code of Ethics

Breeder's Code of Ethics. Boerboel International requests that all associated members subscribe to the BI Breeders Code of Ethics as well as promote high standards among breeders and owners in the quest for the preservation, advancement and improvement of the Boerboel breed. Breeders will ensure that their breeding facilities are within the legal requirements as ...

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Breeding requirements

Breeding requirements and regulations of BI starting 01-01-2017 ALL previous rules and guidelines are hereby superseded! 1.1. In case of breeding both breeding dogs (male and female) have to meet the following requirements: 1.1.1. All breeding dogs have to comply with the BI breeding standard.1.1.2. Should have a microchip.1.1.3. Shall be medically examined and fully healthy and meet ...

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Tips for peasant puppy buyers

I bought a bunch of puppies. What's next? As a boerboel puppy buyer you will probably have a lot of questions regarding health, education and medical matters.Boerboel International has a number of things in a row. Read the tips below and/or download the .PDF file.

Boerboel Fokker list

Boerboel Breeder list On the list below you will find Boerboel International breeders categorized by country. Boerboel International breeders have access to the database and can give you a lot of information about the health tests of the parents. Boerboel International is the ONLY organisation that uses the original Boerboel breed standard without all the beautiful designer colours. Potential buyers of ...

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