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Pups from Boerboel International breeders are bred from health and DNA tested parents. 

On this page you will find the recently born pups. If you want to buy a pup (no matter where) please pay attention to the following:

  • First of all check the health page with disorders found in the Boerboel breed
  • Always ask for a copy of the health certificates of the parents.
  • You will get a pedigree with the stamp “Parentage DNA Verified“.
  • Always ask for a DNA profile of the parents of your puppy. Needed for parenthood check, breeding etc.
  • Ask how high the inbreeding percentage is. Breeders of Boerboel International can check this percentage realtime in the BI database.

The Boerboel International Genetic Screening (BIGS) program is very important for the boerboel. Boerboel breeders that have the BIGS testing done on their breeding boerboels also have the result of the Genetic Diversity % (GD) and Genetic Health Index (GHI) of their pups parents and they can use a very powerful database tool called “Mate Select“. With this tool they find the perfect match for a combination based on genetics.

Mate Select. Choosing a combination based on, among other things, DNA genetics with, as a theoretical result , a genetically healthier puppy with a higher GHI than the parents. (Only possible if dogs are B.I.G.S. tested.) These complicated calculations are done by the laboratory and explained clearly to BI members.

The first litters based on this “Mate Select” tool are already born and will be BIGS tested asap.

Also known, once BIGS tested, are the results whether your Boerboel pup is: Livernose, Dilute (Blue), Black and Tan carrier and/or sufferer and much more.

Genetic testing is the only way forward for the Boerboel breed.