Appraisal System

BREED IMPROVEMENT SCHEME. The BREED IMPROVEMENT SCHEME of BOERBOEL INTERNATIONAL consists of four different actions that culminate into one comprehensive report on the specific Boerboel that takes part in this excellent process.  The BIS process determines the TOTAL PRODUCTION INDEX of the specific Boerboel. The importance of this scheme can not be accentuated enough. Additional measurements are also taken to gather information to determine specific INHERITANCE FACTORS. A). APPRAISAL …

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Keuring Kalendar

Appraisal Calendar / Keurings kalender Boerboel International Algemene informatie: Alle honden moeten een microchip hebben ! Keuringen voor 2020 NU INSCHRIJVEN – 2 May 2020 Bremen, Germany (a.o. Rene Botha) – 3 May 2020 Asten-Heusden, the Netherlands (a.o. Rene Botha) – 9 May 2020, Lisbon, Portugal (a.o. Rene Botha) – 1 November 2020, Asten-Heusden, the …

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