Code of Ethics

Breeder’s Code of Ethics.

Boerboel International requests that all associated members subscribe to the BI Breeders Code of Ethics as well as promote high standards among breeders and owners in the quest for the preservation, advancement and improvement of the Boerboel breed.

Breeders will ensure that their breeding facilities are within the legal requirements as prescribed by the municipal regulatory authority within the district where the facilities are established.

  • All breeding dogs are to be registered in accordance with the requirements of Boerboel International registries
  • Breeders will endeavor to undertake all the necessary health tests and temperament testing where such test results will appear on the BI certification highlighting each breeding dog’s status relative to confirmation, health and temperament.
  • All breeding dogs must receive appropriate exercise and socializing.
  • The breeder or breeders’ dogs will not be involved directly or indirectly in or used for any illegal activity.
  • Breeding dogs will bear absolute identification in the form of microchips.
  • Full health certification and/or records must be kept of all breeding dogs at all times.
  • Breeders must keep accurate records of breeding dogs. Such records include birth notifications, birth certificates, registration certificates, service contracts, breeding records, vaccinations and health certificates or reports.
  • Each breeding will be planned with the objective of improving the standard of the specific bloodline and overall improvement of the breed.
  • Breeders must thoughtfully select the appropriate stud dog and brood bitch with the emphasis being on improved conformation , temperament and overall health while at all times conforming to the BI breed standard and the principles of genetics.
  • The breeder will provide the buyer of each puppy an official BI birth notice and vaccination card at point of purchase.
  • Every breeder will assist and educate every potential client with the characteristics as well as any potential genetic predispositions as well as determine whether the Boerboel is the correct breed for their requirements.