Dear boerboel lovers

Last year Boerboel International has been working hard on the road again. We have had appraisals in many European countries and hope to organize appraisals  in more countries next year. The judging was a great success, many dogs have had nice reviews. Boerboel International sees a beautiful development in the Boerboel world. In November we had another South African judge, Hester Grobbelaar. Hester was also very enthusiastic about the quality of the Boerboels in Europe. We have also welcomed a new junior judge this year by Annika de Graaf. In addition, the Boerboel International team has been strengthened by 2 new members! For Germany,  Michael Dippel and for the Netherlands Kevin Eversdijk.

Would you like to organize an appraisal, please contact us  by email: MAIL

Next year a lot of judging is planned and we also found a South African judge, Rene Botha, willing to come and judge in Europe. The judging which are already fixed are:

– 2 May 2020 Bremen, Germany (a.o. Rene Botha)

– 3 May 2020 Asten-Heusden, the Netherlands (a.o. Rene Botha)

– 9 May 2020, Lisbon, Portugal (a.o. Rene Botha)

– 7 November 2020 Helsa, Germany

– 8 November 2020, Asten-Heusden, the Netherlands

So put the dates in your diary.

Because Boerboel International is striving to continue to improve the breed and everything it does, we are unfortunately forced to introduce some new prices as of 1 January 2020. Below you will find an overview.

– Membership breeder 50 euro per year.

– Membership member 25 euro per year.

– Pedigrees up to 6 months old, 20 euro per pedigree.

– Pedigrees older than 6 months, 30 euro per pedigree.

– Transfer pedigrees to new owner, 20 euro.

– New pedigree after delivery of health certificates, 20 euros.

– Appraisal of an adult Boerboel for a member, 75 euros.

– Appraisal of an adult Boerboel for no member, 85 euro.

– Puppy evaluation pups with a BI birth certificate, 5 euro.

– Puppy evaluation other pedigree/birth certificate 10 euro

– If you come with your puppy to the puppy evaluation, you get a year of free owner membership.

– DNA collection and certificate, 50 euro.

– BIGS purchases and certificates, 125 euro.

– Video appraisal of an adult dog, 100 euro.


Breeders who register their pups with Boerboel International and members who have paid for their membership will automatically have access to the Boerboel International database. Breeders who do not register their pups with Boerboel International will only receive an owner authorization for the database. A breeder’s authorisation for the database without the breeder registering pups costs 250 euros per year. 

Because the Boerboel International app was outdated, it is currently no longer available. We are currently working hard on a new website with an app linked to it. We expect this to be operational by mid-2020. 

Don’t forget to pay your contribution before 31 January 2020. For payments after 31 January 2020 an extra 20 euro will be charged to reactivate the database for your account. 

 Boerboel International wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2020!