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Boerboel Support

Boerboel judging and puppy evaluation.

STICHTING BOERBOEL INTERNATIONAL organizes on Sunday 1 November 2020 a boerboel inspection and puppy evaluation.
The inspection (according to the BI breeding standard) consists of the conformation (conformation) and the character test.
There is also the possibility to take DNA material (cheek glue) from the dog to have a DNA profile made or a BIGS test performed.
All boerboele aged at least 12 months and fitted with a microchip, registered with Boerboel International or with a pedigree from another breed association recognised by the Boerboel International Foundation, can be submitted for participation.
Under the 12 months there is the possibility for an extensive evaluation.

The judges will be:
* Claudia Coster from the Netherlands
* Jasper van Hattum from the Netherlands
* Annika de Graaf-Dobbelaar from Belgium.
Character test will be taken by:
- Richard Vroomen.
Location : Manege de Witte Vallei
Gezandebaan 31
5725 TM Asten
The Netherlands
Start : 10:00.
In accordance with the RIVM rules in force, we ask anyone who wishes to have his/her dog inspected to register via the email address below. Please send us the pedigree of the dog and telephone number where you can be reached, together with any health papers.
This way we can ensure a spread out over the day. Because only 30 people are allowed in the equestrian center, we will only admit people who come to inspect or have their dog evaluated.
Mouth caps are not obligatory, however, their use is recommended.