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Download div. health forms

Health forms for downloading. Below one can download various health forms for having one's dog tested at the vet for disorders / traits The vet must fill out and sign the form also with a stamp. Database users can upload these forms into the databasefor their specific dog(s).Go to My Account / Dogs in ownership and ...

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Database access

By logging into the database you unconditionally agree with the user agreement which can be found on the login screen of the database and which applies to the entire contents of the Boerboel International database. GET HERE TO THE DATABASEAlEN members, who have paid the membership fee for the current year, can access ...

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What's the B.I.G.S. and how can this help the mess? B.I.G.S. (Boerboel International Genetic Screening) is a series of DNA tests to look for properties and disorders in a dog's genetic makeup. In this case the boerboel. This can be: eye, heart, kidney and other disorders etc.170 health tests in total.32 tests ...

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Application form Cryptorchism and Hyperplasia test

The HEALTH REPORT consists of four parts. 1). TESTICLES and SCROTUM(MALES), HYPERPLASIA(BITCHES). (5). 2). HIPS (6). 3). ELBOWS (5). 4). EYELIDS (4). The numbers (in brackets) after each health problem are the 'value / coefficient' taken into account for the specific problem. If you look at the example below, you can see that the score of the dog's health status is multiplied ...

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