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Boerboel Support

Contributions and miscellaneous expenses

Contributions and other costs For Paypal payments 5,00 Euro extra because of costs !

  • Membership breeder 50 euros per year. 

  • Membership member 25 euros per year. 

  • Pedigrees up to 6 months old, 25 euros per pedigree. 

  • Pedigrees older than 6 months, 30 euros per pedigree. 

  • Pedigree transfer to new owner, 25 euros. 

  • Inspection of an adult Boerboel for a member, 75 euros. 

  • Inspection of an adult Boerboel for no member, 85 euros. 

  • Video inspection of an adult dog, 100 euros. 

  • Puppy evaluation puppies with a BI birth certificate 10 euros 

  • Puppy evaluation other pedigrees/birth certificate 20 euros 

  • If you come to the puppy evaluation with your puppy, you will receive a year of free owner membership 

  • DNA sampling and certificate, 50 euros. 

  • Introduction of DNA certificates 10 euros, other than DNA taken by BI.  

  • Administrative fee for connection in the database, 25 euros 



All breeder members get access to the database, if they register all their puppies with BI and request a birth certificate. Breeder members who register their pups elsewhere and do not request birth certificates from BI will be granted owner-only access in the database, in which case they will not be able to do trial coverings and view other dogs in the database. Membership for BI is for one calendar year.