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Defects and Diseases in the Boerboel

For anyone who wants to buy a Boerboel !

Before you buy a boerboel/pup keep in mind that there are several flaws / diseases in the breed boerboel are found. 

That is why it is extremely important to do your homework well and to read a lot and inform yourself well before purchasing.

Boerboel International                                                                                                                                              

HDHip dysplasia
EDElbow dysplasia
Cruciate LigamentCruciate ligaments (torn), movement problems
Patella LuxationLoose kneecap, movement problems
EpilepsyFear attacks, 
Kinked TailSpinal problems
EyesGlaucoma, En- Ectropion, CMR1
SkinDemodex and other disorders
WobblerMovement, Neurological
KidneysKidney failure, HUU Kidney stones.
TeethExtreme over- underbite, Missing teeth / molars
Inbreeding in %As low as possible. High inbreeding can cause health problems.
Genetic Diversity in %As high as possible. The average is 38.40%
Genetic Health IndexFrom 100 and up is better. From 100 and lower is worse

DNA profiles + testing

Research pedigree / Research pedigree. Genetic Diversity / Genetic diversity (GD).
Genetic Health Index / Health index (GHI). Test coverages with defects and diseases.
Mate Select. Choosing a combination based on a.o. DNA with as theoretical result a genetically healthier puppy with a higher GHI than the parents. (Only possible if dogs are B.I.G.S. tested.) These complicated calculations are done by the laboratory and made transparent by Boerboel International to its members.