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USE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OFUSEof the Boerboel International website/database.
By logging on to the website/database, you unconditionally agree to these term
ofuse .
The following applies to the complete content of the Boerboel International (hereinafter referred to as " BI") website/database.

The use of the website/database implies that the visitor (hereinafter referred to as 'the user') agrees to the following terms of use.
Here 'information' means information in any form whatsoever such as texts, DNA profiles, layout, images, test coverage, pedigrees, software, graphical elements or other items.

1. Use limited to personal purposes

The information in this website/database is intended for personal (private) and non-commercial purposes. The user is not authorised to commercially exploit any information obtained via this website/database in any way and in any form whatsoever.
It is equally prohibited to store or use this information electronically for unlawful purposes or to publish it on forums and websites without the express permission of BI.
As soon as BI becomes aware that information is being distributed without permission, the user will be denied access to the website/database with immediate effect without any refund or other compensation being claimed by the user. All intellectual property rights are the exclusive property of BI and action will be taken against any infringement thereof.

2. Liability

BI pays a lot of care and attention to the content of this website/database. The information provided through this website/database is, in principle, from reliable sources.
However, BI cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or suitability of the information for any use whatsoever.
The user indemnifies BI for all liabilities resulting from any inaccuracies mentioned on or in the website/database.
BI cannot be held liable for any initiative/decision that the user would take on the basis of the information provided.
BI can under no circumstances be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental damage or any other damage that would result from or be related to the use of the BI website/database or the impossibility to use it.
BI cannot be held liable for any malfunctions, errors or interruptions in the electronic publication of the website/database.
The user expressly indemnifies BI against claims from third parties regarding the provision of information to the website/database.
The user indemnifies BI, BI employees, volunteers of BI, representatives, trading partners, licensees, etc. of judicial and extrajudicial measures and the costs thereof that have arisen as a result of the use or misuse of the website/database or infringement of any legal regulation whatsoever.
BI reserves the right to change, add to or remove information from the website/database at any time;

3. Hyperlinks to third party sites

The BI website/database contains hyperlinks to websites managed by third parties.
These links are offered exclusively for the comfort of the user. BI is not responsible for their content, nor for their availability, their existence or the use that could be made of them.
The provision by BI of hyperlinks to other websites does not mean that BI would endorse the elements contained in these sites; nor does the fact that BI offers its users the convenience of hyperlinks necessarily imply any cooperation between BI and the owner/owners of these sites.
Similarly,BI cannot be held liable for errors in website addresses or domain names on this website/database.

4. Intellectual property rights

The user expressly acknowledges that the information provided by the user is / is and will remain the property of BI and never needs to be removed even if the user would no longer make use of this website/database.
The texts, images and other items appearing on the BI site are protected by copyright and database law. Reproduction, distribution, sale, distribution, publication, adaptation, translation, editing and use for commercial purposes are strictly prohibited, unless the written consent of the copyright holder has been obtained.
The storage and printing of BI information is generally only permitted if BI offers written permission to do so.
Storing information from the BI website/database in a database is not permitted (with the exception of automatic "caching" of the information by the browser).
Some names, signs or logos used on this website/database are registered (and thus protected) trademarks.
By uploading documents, such as HD, ED, DNA etc. to the database, the user gives BI unconditional permission to request additional information or to check the authenticity with the publisher of these documents.

5. Protection of Privacy

BI respects and protects the privacy of the users of its website/database.
The collection of "personal data" through our website/database and the use that BI makes of these data is strictly in accordance with the provisions of the law on privacy. regarding the processing of personal data.
When filling in an electronic form, BI asks you for a minimum of personal data in order to contact you.
These personal details are collected, included in our address file and are only used for internal purposes and for BI's newsletters (by e-mail).

Of course, the user who does not wish his personal data to be used in the manner described above, can inform BI by means of an e-mail or not make an e-mail address available.

6. Right of inspection and correction

Any person proving his/her identity has the right to request and obtain access to his/her personal data processed by BI.
In addition, this person can, at all times and free of charge, request the correction of these data. The request for modification of personal data must be addressed, by e-mail, to the Webmaster of BI. (admin@boerboelinternational.eu)

8. Modification and notification of these Terms of Use.

BI reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time without prior notice. BI will, of course, inform users of its website/database of such changes on its website/database or by e-mail.

9. Final provision

If BI discovers that the private login information provided by BI is being distributed, lent or otherwise (mis)used by unauthorised third parties, the user will be immediately denied access to the website/database without any refund or other compensation being claimed by the user. Each access, all actions will be logged! In case of excessive use (scripts, etc.) there will immediately be a block on the account and IP address.
In case of non-payment or late payment of the annual membership fee, BI may decide to terminate, temporarily or permanently, access to the website/database and/or membership.
BI reserves the right to deny you access to the website/database and the services offered thereon as well as to terminate your membership without giving any reason.
BI reserves the right to terminate the website/database in its entirety without prior notice and without further claims.
BI is also not liable for any consequences (damages) resulting from the termination of the website/database.
English law applies to all agreements with BI such as membership, website and database access.

Boerboel International, March 2017