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Mate Select Tool for breeders new version

AllBreeds Genetic Test - Mate Select Tool

Only for AllBreeds Tested Dogs

If you already have an AllBreeds tested Dog then send an email to rrdatenbank@icloud.com

Attention ! The old way of testing via MyDogDNA is no longer applicable

The Mate Selection Tool displays the search results of the evaluated genetic health of all BIGS-tested dogs in the Boerboel International Database. ONLY dogs currently available for breeding will be released for selection In compiling the list NO taken into account the dogs that appear in the pedigree, no HD, ED, etc, no external characteristics such as size, weight, angulations etc etc. The list is only based on the genetic health values found. The Match with the best average expected COI so the genetic Inbreeding that the Pups get, got a green Point.

This genetic information does not replace a clinical health check by a veterinarian or other health information known to you, the owner.

Keep the following in mind when interpreting the search results shown here:

Your dog's pedigree is not part of this tool, but will suggest suitable mates based on measured genetic health.

The results presented here do not take into account breed restrictions or recommendations regarding the number of litters or offspring a dog can have.

There may be diseases in the breed for which there are no genetic tests yet, also inquire if the potential mate is known to have diseases in the pedigree.

Mate Selcet table

1. Click on the "Mate Select" button in your dog's profile

The table opens and the suitable partners for your dog are displayed (ONLY BIGS-tested dogs suitable for breeding are displayed here)

Name: Here are the names of the dogs that fit your dog

Date of birth: when the matching partner was born

Pedigree Inbreeding: The inbreeding coefficient in the family tree

COI: the actual inbreeding coefficient of the dog (AllBreeds haplotype screening of over 560,000 markers)

Health index GHI: The genetic diversity of the immune system MHC (DLA) classes 0 - 4

Match Ø: The average inbreeding coefficient of expected pups as a traffic light system

Exp.COI: This is the expected genetic diversity of the genes in the litter as an average

Values above 16% genetic diversity get a green dot 

- GREEN - pups receive multiple genes from their parents (mating recommended) Inbreeding coefficient of pups 16% and below

- YELLOW - the pups get less genetic diversity from their parents (mating with a slight health risk) Inbreeding coefficient pups 16% - 23%.

- RED - pups receive little to no multiple genes (mating NOT recommended) Inbreeding coefficient pups 23% and higher

Pedigree puppies: Click on the symbol to go directly to the pedigree of the puppies from this combination.


The GHI formerly issued at MyDogDNA is no longer applicable


The GD formerly issued at MyDogDNA is no longer applicable

Always keep inbreeding % as low as possible !!!! 

Important: There may still be diseases/defects in the breed for which there is no DNA test or for which the dogs have not been tested. (See B.I.G.S.) Always investigate if there are potential diseases/defects in the partner dog's pedigree. By now it should be crystal clear that it does make sense to test dogs.

BI has already, as the first boerboel organisation, a scoop !!!!. 

Do you have any questions about the "Degree Select" tool, please contact us via email: office@boerboelinternational.eu.

The Boerboel International Team

The use of the Mate Select tool can no rights are derived and use is at your own expense and risk. It is a forecast / expectation and may therefore deviate. BI is not responsible and/or liable for any errors or discrepancies in the displayed list and/or for the forecast. All information has been generated by the laboratory / university.
BI has only implemented alla data in the database into a usable tool. 

Genetic testing is the only way forward for the Boerboel breed.
Black is absolutely NO Boerboel.